Apple may release Mac Face ID

Apple registers new and promising developments almost every day. Unfortunately, the practical implementation reaches only a small part of them. The other day an American Corporation again filed an application for registration of a patent this time the technology of facial recognition on a Mac. If the other projects and it was possible to doubt, that here everything is clear – Face ID definitely making its debut on a desktop Apple platform, and it’s only a matter of time.

At the time of this writing, Apple has already registered three different patent or related technology Face ID in the Mac.

In the latter patent application is considered a desktop Mac with a camera system TrueDepth and support the face detection function. But the scan will be more accurate and safe because it will be read not only the features of the face and General head model, but also the retina of the eye. Thus, the proprietary technology will get rid of its main drawback — the inability to distinguish the twins from each other.

The document says that the new technology will be able to continuously scan space, even when the computer is in sleep mode. Mac will be automatically removed from the standby and unlocked only when it is the owner.

In addition, the patent describes a new version of Magic Keyboard. It is expected that the new keyboard will have a touch bar Touch Bar. This design element, as on the MacBook Pro, will be located at the top of the keyboard, which would replace the function keys.

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