Apple may reveal a MacBook updated during the spring

آبل قد تكشف عن جهاز ماك بوك محدث خلال الربيع

Apple launched the end of last year a MacBook Pro with a screen 16 inches for the first time addressed the Pro with a keyboard different to the previous one, where the keyboard Butterfly that caused many problems for users.

In the new Apple TV in this regard pointed out the site 9to5Mac reports that the company register the device notebooks new The Economic Commission aureus (EEC), which means we may see the device personal laptop soon in the market as usual when doing Company this kind of recordings.

Where he demand to “portable personal computer” without specifying what kind of devices the MacBook will be updated exactly, but that the council gives a clear indication that the company will disclose the MacBook updated during the event the annual, Which is held in the spring.

With reference to the available updates can include device enhancements to the partner’s touch as well as keyboard, to adopt the formulation of a new mechanism of action of the different adoption of the system keyboard excluded regular to avoid ingress of dust and dirt all through it and therefore a change in the interior design of the shape, color and consistency with the device.



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