Apple may start assembling iPhones in India with the beginning of 2019

Is likely to start Apple in the compilation of the versions of iPhone home in India early in the year 2019, as indicated by a new report from Reuters.

The report added that the company Foxconn is responsible for manufacturing unit Apple will invest 25 billion Indian rupees, which amounts to about $ 356 million, to expand its plant in the town of Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu in the South.
It is expected to create this investment of about 25 thousand jobs.

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It’s worth noting that Apple has compiled the iPhones with older versions in India, such as the iPhone SE iPhone 6s, by company Wistron.

Noted by the source that the company Foxconn intends to assemble the iPhones in India in a move that may help Apple in reducing the impact of the trade war between the United States and China”.

Of the gas is unclear whether these versions will be assembled in India will be dedicated to the Indian market or if Apple is able to export the devices and sell them in other places of the world.

تجميع أجهزة iPhone في الهند

It is known that Apple has launched iPhone X in the past year, but reduced production of this phone since I started selling newer versions: iPhone XS iPhone XR, worldwide this year.

However it is likely to get Foxconn on an older version of the iPhone X to market in India. As the country known for selling cheaper models of smart phones, so the company is trying to get a larger share in the fastest market for smartphones in the world, knowing that the share of Apple in this market currently have fallen to 1%, prompting the company to appoint a senior former executive at Nokia, and a plan to change things in India.

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