Apple may take on the company to follow the concerts and matches in virtual reality

You think Apple’s acquisition of a new company specialized in the field of virtual reality and specifically the follow-up events called NextVR as may worth up to $ 100 million.

Deal doesn’t work out officially yet, but it seems that Apple is interested in a team working in the company and want to join them to work in its headquarters.

Know the company NextVR release a special version of the concerts and sports games, but virtual reality.

The company provides its services to follow the live in virtual reality for several other companies offer devices and helmet virtual reality such as the PlayStation MacOS Microsoft and Lenovo and HTC and these are the biggest players in the virtual reality sector.

And you NextVR patents up to 40 patent techniques, especially by using virtual reality to display high-quality video and through the follow up concerts and sporting events, without the need to go to it.

The company suffered from funding problems where they failed to collect the third funding round last year led to layoffs of 40% of its employees.

And you NextVR purchase agreements with NBA basketball and Fox Sports Championships Wimbledon tennis and other companies the organization of concerts.

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