Apple may use screen Olid pain and computers

Samsung is the exclusive supplier for Olid iPhone modern. And because of the poor sales of iPhones than expected in the recent period, the company asked Apple buy screens OLED from Samsung at a lower rate than expected by the two companies in the beginning.

Because of this lack of demand, has become the Apple center to buy Samsung what is called a penalty up to the value of hundreds of millions of dollars. But, instead of payment in cash, refers to a recent report that Apple may have provided multiple options, including the commitment to the purchase orders screen Olid previously agreed, but to use it for iPad and computer instead of iPhone.

This is consistent with other reports appeared recently, indicate that Samsung is in talks with Apple about providing screens Olid laptop MacBook Pro the size of a 16 inch, and recent versions of the tablet iPad.

Previous reports indicated the presence of a MacBook Pro possible a size 16 or 16.5 inch, it will be launched sometime in the year 2019 with a new design entirely, in addition to the versions of iPad will enter mass production line in the fourth quarter of the year 2019 and the first quarter of next year to 2020.

Source: ETNews

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