Apple may work on a water resistant keyboard for Mac future

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Many of us tend to keep drinks next to the computers, such as a bottle of water or a cup of tea or coffee or can of soda, etc. There is nothing wrong in that, but there is a risk of pouring our drink accidentally on the keyboard, given that most keyboards are not designed to resist water, it could lead to damaging it.

Often, keyboards are cheap and can be replaced easily, but this does not apply to the keyboards of your computers Mac from Apple which be expensive if you want to replace it. However, according to patent the invention of the new Apple to get it, it seems that the latter require to make keyboard own water-resistant in the future.


In the patent this new company has the Apple TV in detail how you want to use it to make keyboard own future spill-resistant note that this method involves making the slots in the keyboard and rely on the covers of an additional, as well as other elements to prevent the entry of fluids into the electrical circuit of the basic responsible for sending and receiving data to and from the keyboard.

Now there is no guarantee that Apple analysis patent this to a reality, not to mention its monumental design, which looks like incompatible with the beautiful design of the current consoles of the company of America which is the thin and lightness, but who knows, maybe you could turn Apple into an alternative solution in the future.


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