Apple Music has a Replay. It generates playlists of your favorite tracks

Nostalgia is not about Apple. In Cupertino used to ruthlessly get rid of those technologies that feel hopeless. That is why the new Apple smartphones disappeared Touch ID from the computers USB connector-A and new MacBook lost the glowing Apple on the lid. But if the question does not concern technical progress, and only affects the mental fibre, the company did not see anything wrong with that. And to prove it, Apple added Apple Music Replay function, which generates lists of the most listened tracks, allowing you to appreciate them anew.

Want to know which tracks in the Apple Music you listen to most often? Replay will help

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The Replay function has appeared in the Apple Music tonight. In fact, it is a regular playlist that is automatically generated based on previous auditions. The algorithms will calculate how long in total have you spent on listening, how many people listened to and count the exact number of playbacks of each track. After that will be selected most popular songs and on this basis formed a weekly updated playlist.

How to look at the history of listening in Apple Music

Replay is a new feature Apple Music, forming playlists from the tracks you listened to

In Spotify, a similar feature was before. It’s called Spotify Wrapped, and its purpose is to summarizing the year, giving users an idea about their preferences in music and allowing them to re-enjoy the tracks that they listened to during the year, but only for a limited time. Replay works somewhat different principle. Not only will it allow you to refer to it all year round, but will be updated in automatic mode, taking into account changes in the tastes of the listener.

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Now the playlist is formed based on previous auditions, called Replay’19. However, in January you will see that its name will change to Replay’20. Initially it will be empty, but as soon as you use Apple Music and listen to new songs, the service will remember them, analyzing every week to generate for you a selection of your favorite tracks, allowing virtually in real time to monitor their musical taste.

The Replay feature is only available to active users of Apple Music

The Replay function isn’t available to all subscribers to Apple Music, and only those who passed a certain threshold of auditions. So I didn’t get their selection because use the service for a couple of weeks in a year. As a result, when I clicked on the link leading to the section Replay, I got a notification that my playlist cannot be generated because I’ve listened to enough songs to them in a detailed summary about my preferences. However, how much time should be given to listening this to work, Apple does not specify.

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Test yourself with the help of the Replay at this link. The function works on all platforms without exceptions, and more recently — even on the web. You must have missed, but this fall Apple introduced the online version of Apple Music, which you can obtain directly from your browser. This means that now for listening to music no need to install a special application, but rather just have a subscription and a device with Internet access. Thus, you can access the Apple Music on unsupported smartphones, smart TVs and even refrigerators.

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