Apple Music has shown a record growth of users

Senior Vice President of Apple’s eddy cue said that Apple Music has at its disposal for 38 million subscribers, and about 8 million people are using the service on a trial subscription. On average, each week, the service receives an increase of 400 000 new subscribers.

And it should be noted that the rate of growth in recent times are really impressive. Only 5 weeks streaming service gained 2 million followers, the fastest growth since the launch of the service in 2015. The number of subscribers has changed as follows:

  • October 2015: 6.5 million
  • January 2016: 10 million
  • February 2016: 11 million
  • April 2016: 13 million
  • June 2016: 15 million
  • September 2016: 17 million
  • December 2016: 20 million
  • June 2017: 27 million
  • September 2017: 30 million
  • February 2018: 36 million
  • March 2018: 38 million

However, the palm is still in Spotify with my 71 million subscribers, almost twice as much as Apple Music. However, Spotify has a distinct advantage – ability to listen to music for free. At last count, the number of such users can reach 159 million.

However, even Spotify can’t always be in the black. Jimmy Iovine, the mentor Apple Music, recently announced that music streaming services don’t “make any money”, justifying it by the fact that the standard subscription at $ 9.99 it is a disadvantage.

However, the profits of their own streaming service, apparently not so much worried about Apple as it is possible to realize other products and services.

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