Apple Music has the opportunity to give one month free subscription

Despite the fact that the music platform Apple Music already has a huge user base and obviously do not need advertising, Apple continues to promote the streaming service in unconventional ways. Today the company sent out a special invitation users had the opportunity to give one month free subscription to your friends if they don’t use the Apple streaming service on a fee basis.

Judging by social media invitations were sent out to a limited number of subscribers Apple Music. Under this offer, Apple proposed to invite friends to explore streaming service, and as a present the company gives one month free service.

  • Users who have never used Apple Music, you can get a total of four months of free service;
  • Those listeners who have already used the trial period, you can get an extra month if you go for the appropriate referral link.

Recall that this company offered listeners an additional three months free maintenance. For these purposes, even used Intrusive Push notifications.

Apparently, Apple is serious about to increase its database of active users and overtake its main competitor in the face of Spotify, which has 89 million paid subscribers and a total audience of 190 million people. Both music platforms are offered the subscription at the same price ($9.99/month), but Spotify has a distinct advantage of being able to use the service on a free basis.

However, in Russia the situation is somewhat different — Spotify is not available in our region, giving more odds to Apple Music.

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