Apple Music Spotify overtakes the rate of growth

Music streaming service from Apple continues to gain momentum. Senior Vice President of Apple software eddy cue said that the number of Apple Music subscribers reached 60 million subscribers. Just a few months, the streaming platform has received a growth of 10 million users – an unprecedented high for music streaming services.

The growth of the audience Apple Music

Despite the fact that the service was opened in 2015, Apple continues to build an active base of paid listeners. Here is a small statistics of how to change the size of the audience Apple Music since the launch of the service:

  • October 2015: 6.5 million
  • January 2016: 10 million
  • February 2016: 11 million
  • April 2016: 13 million
  • June 2016: 15 million
  • September 2016: 17 million
  • December 2016: 20 million
  • June 2017: 27 million
  • September 2017: 30 million
  • February 2018: 36 million
  • March 2018: 38 million
  • May 2018: 44 million
  • November 2018: 50 million
  • June 2019: 60 million

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The Apple Music service has got a version for the browser

Apple Music or Spotify

To industry leader Spotify is still in the growth, the Swedish streaming service has paid hundreds of millions of listeners. Still about the same — use the service for free. However, some progress from Apple is still there — in individual regions. For example, in July of last year Apple Music ahead of Spotify in the United States by number of active subscriptions.

Both music platforms are offered the subscription at the same price ($9.99/month), but Spotify has a distinct advantage of being able to use the service on a free basis. Apple Music provides new users with only a three-month trial period. I am glad that in some markets a local price — for example, in Russia it is $ 169 per month.

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