Apple need again to remove Telegram from the App Store

Apple, perhaps, as no one knows how to combine incongruous. In Cupertino can now drown for freedom of speech and expression, and tomorrow remove from the Hong Kong App Store all apps that use the protesters, just because the Chinese government required the company to do it. Therefore, the Apple one, then the other asking for removal of certain programs, citing as reasons a variety of reasons. But perhaps the most surprising was the claim of the Association for the protection of copyright on the Internet (ISAPI), which has decided that Apple needs to remove Telegram, because the developer ignores subpoenas.

Telegram again in danger of removal from the App Store

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According to Interfax, representatives of the Association appealed to Apple demanding to find the actual developer of the Telegram, because the company Telegram Messenger LLP was liquidated in the first half of 2019. This is necessary in order to make the creators of messenger a claim on behalf of the brand, “Litres”, the copyright of which was broken. But if Apple cannot produce the requested information, it will either to remove Telegram from the catalog, or take obligations of the defendant himself.

Broke Telegram

“I ask you to take urgent steps to identify the real owner. Uncertain interaction with the developer is impossible for us to send them lawsuits for violations of trademark rights,” reads the letter of the Association addressed to Apple.

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Pavel Durov filed for voluntary liquidation of the legal entity Telegram Messenger LLP in December 2018. This procedure can be used for businesses that have ceased doing business. Most likely, the reason for this decision was the forthcoming launch of cryptocurrency TON, investors which surely would want to share in the company to be able to at least partially control its activities, and it requires the company a completely different type. This is completely standard practice for organizations that issue securities, which in fact are tokens TON.

Telegram only afraid of Apple

Despite the fact that Apple has not responded to the presented requirement, the company itself undertakes to maintain records of developers and, if necessary, to provide their contacts to the rights holders and authorities, and therefore had to comply with the requirement ISAPI. However, it is not clear why the company did not, given that the copyright belongs Telegram Telegram FZ-LLC, which publishes and Android version of the messenger, and will not disappear.

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If you believe the words of the representatives of ISAPI, the user ignores all Telegram messages transmitted to them by the Association, but reacts if the appeal goes through Apple and Google. Obviously, this is because the Telegram can’t afford to ignore even the owners of the app stores, the range which the company puts its messenger. Another thing is that AZAPI for the good of this virtually no and its members tried unsuccessfully to get Telegram elimination of violations.

Will remove any Telegram from the App Store

What happens if the Telegram refuses to eliminate the violations, is not yet clear. On the one hand, it is difficult to imagine that Apple so easily picked and removed messenger. And, on the other, given that the ISAPI could sue not on the Telegram, and the very Apple, the likelihood that the judge will oblige the latter to expel the unscrupulous developer that violates copyright or is an accomplice of the pirates, takes on a very tangible boundary.

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