Apple need to learn from Samsung loyalty to customers

iPhone never was cheap, except the iPhone 5c and iPhone SE are distracting from the traditional lineup of Apple and it seemed even to him did not belong. But to buy an iPhone is only half the battle. It is equally important to be able to serve the mobile, so that in case you encounter any problems, send it to a diagnostic or, if necessary, for repairs, which cost at authorized service centers is very high. About Apple trying to recall even its competitors.

Samsung Electronics decided to demonstrate their loyalty to their customers and dropped the Apple challenge, reducing the cost of servicing the Galaxy S10 compared to the iPhone XS. According to official information, the difference in cost of maintenance services for the flagship Samsung smartphone was significantly lower, if you directly compare it with what Apple offers.

Replacement display

  • iPhone XR – $ 199, Galaxy S10e – $ 199;
  • the iPhone XS – $ 279, Galaxy S10 – $ 249;
  • iPhone Max XS – $ 329 – Galaxy S10+ — $ 269.

In the case of replacement displays the difference not the biggest, but the most loyal conditions for non-warranty service is still offering this Samsung. And despite the fact that the cost of AMOLED panels, which it complements its flagship smartphones, it is even higherthan the iPhone. But everything finally falls into place, if you compare the cost of repairs to “other damage”.

The rest of the damage

  • iPhone XR – $ 399, Galaxy S10e – $ 99;
  • the iPhone XS – $ 549 Galaxy S10 – $ 99;
  • iPhone Max XS – $ 599, Galaxy S10+ — $ 99.

Surprisingly, Samsung will charge for repair of any damage to all three of its smartphones just $ 99. Someone will say that Apple only paying 400-600 dollars, you can receive a new smartphone. But, first, we already knowhow difficult it is to get the cupertinos the performance of their duties. And, secondly, Samsung does not limit users in their right to apply for services regardless of the type of injury, indirectly indicating a willingness to provide a substitute in case of impossibility of repair.

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