Apple news 244 issue: the future of iOS and macOS

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will talk about the “cultural shift” iOS and macOS, Tim cook meeting with shareholders, and more.

1. macOS 10.14, whose output Apple supposedly announced at the June WWDC 2018, will default to support the application “Home”. Before this utility was available only to owners of iOS devices. Staff support the application, the House will provide Mac owners with the ability to interact with “smart” appliances directly from the table his computer.

2. This week in the vast GitHub was discovered component of the operating system iOS iBoot that is used to download and verify the core. For some users, the news of his openness gave rise to anxiety for his safety, because the individual elements of the iBoot can be used in the formation of the security iOS 11. But Apple said that customers the company is not in danger of breaking, because thanks to a special chip Secure Enclave all the data stored in the iPhone, are fully intact.

3. “Smart” speaker should be exactly as HomePod. The agreed 70% of the respondents who participated in the survey 9To5Mac. Consumers, including potential, not confused by the fact that the equipment column a stripped-down version of Siri, and the lack of Bluetooth they are happy to justify support AirPlay.

4. “Cultural shift” is Craig Federighi, Apple Vice President for software development, called the decision on the need to focus on the stability of a proprietary OS in the current year. Henceforth, in the framework of the concept Apple will develop updates that are guided by radically new principle.

It involves maintaining the same schedule of updates with the reduction in the number of innovations for the so-called “zero” versions. In other words, every major release of iOS 12.0, iOS, 13.0 and so on will only be slightly different from the previous one. The introduction of new functions will be distributed between updates with fractional numbers.

One of the most significant innovations, which is waiting for 12 iOS and macOS 10.14, will be the unification of apps for Mac and iPad. So, obviously, Apple hopes to emphasize the closeness of the two software platforms, ensuring brand tablets even more popular. Of the less notable features of iOS 12 note multiplayer for ARKit, updated application “Action,” advanced mode “do Not disturb”, in-depth integration with voice assistant Siri.

5. Apple spent the next annual meeting of shareholders — and not somewhere, and in the Theatre of Steve jobs on the new campus. In addition to the discussions on payments to shareholders and other financial issues, Apple has touched on several domestic themes. For example, in 2017 the Apple absorbed the 19 companies, 10 of which are known while others are not. In addition, if you take all the services of the company, Apple now has 250 million user subscriptions.

The main “leading” the event was Tim cook, who said not the most impressive success of Apple Pay in the world, drew attention to the success of the payment service in the “core countries” — China and Russia. Cook also expressed reluctance to abandon the Apple Store and transfer the trade online, and also talked about the recent blocking of Telegram, stating that “Apple is always keeping inappropriate content away from the App Store“.

Not without the traditional bragging rights like the degree of satisfaction of buyers of new iPhone X, which amounted to 99 %. The most interesting question was the presence in the Apple candidates to take the post Tim cook. He rises at each meeting of shareholders, and this time Apple said that there are such people. Nevertheless, the question of an imminent change of CEO was not raised.

6. Apple will launch a new line of iPhone X in 2018, which will completely replace the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. With the corresponding forecast was made by the respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to the expert, all three new smartphones will be made in the style of the iPhone X (with the notch above the screen Face ID). With this Junior devices will be equipped with LCD-display and a camera with one lens, while the top version will boast a 6.5-inch OLED display, dual rear camera and 4 GB of RAM.

Sales of the new iPhone, according to KGI Securities, will be 105-115 million units at a price of 699 U.S. dollars (the younger version) or 95-105 million smartphones at a price of 799 U.S. dollars. Thus, the younger the smartphone will be able to get 50% of all iPhone sales.

Apparently, Apple will soon abandon traditional screen sizes of the iPhone in favor of a size of 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inches. Edge-to-edge screen and no Home button allow you to do this without increasing the size of smartphones.

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