Apple news, 260 the issue: iOS 12, and other results of the WWDC 2018

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will talk about the iOS 12, the outcome of the WWDC 2018 and much more!

1. One of the functions iOS 12 was the support of group calls in the FaceTime app. Now to communicate via this service can up to 32 people. The main screen, group chat is a collection of “tiles”, where real-time shows the participants of the conversation. When someone says his conclusion is automatically incremented. Also the new FaceTime working, animaze.

2.Apple introduced macOS 10.14 Mojave with support for dark themes. In the Finder there is a new view mode, Gallery View, which allows you to view the thumbnails of photos. And in the application “Preview” will allow you to open any file at full size and edit it. MacOS Mojave there are several new applications that were previously only available to iOS users. Among them: “House”, “Recorder”, “Shares” and Apple News.

3. Apple has released watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 in the framework of the WWDC 2018. The emphasis watchOS made at a sports function — to 12 kinds of exercise increased yoga and Hiking. Apps third-party developers will work with Siri, and watchOS 5 presents a new Walkie-Talkie function — a completely new way of communicating by voice. In tvOS 12 adds support of Dolby Atmos for the amazing sound quality and convenient new features.

Both updates will be available in the fall, beta available for download.

4. 4 June, Apple introduced iOS 12. As expected, the main focus when designing the new OS for mobile platforms developers devoted performance of compatible devices and eliminating bugs that prevented their instant work.

Primarily on iOS 12 apps will run 40% faster compared to the previous iteration, regardless of the device. This means that even the iPhone 5s, which many had to be buried, will delight their owners improved operability.

For convenience, Apple has released a new application Shortcuts. Use it to configure a series of actions in different applications and to execute them with one tap or simple voice command will be even easier. The Photos app in iOS 12 has become more intellectual. There were new conditions for sorting photos, favorite effects.

For iOS 12 Apple radically redesigned several built-in applications, among which the iBooks, Apple News and “Promotions”. In Cupertino continue to practice the new concept of naming, and therefore refused the prefix i in the name iBooks. Now the app is called Apple Books.

Notification system, which did not undergo significant changes for several years, received a significant upgrade. iOS 12 will bring the automatic grouping of alerts depending on the application, and disabling them under the regime of “do Not disturb night.”

The first beta of iOS 12 are available for download to developers. The final release is expected in autumn.

5. That Apple plans to release iPad Pro with Face ID, began to speak in the last year, but with 100-percentage confidence it is possible to declare only now, when iOS 12 are available online.

First, on the appearance of the face scanner to hint a new iPad gestures available for the Apple — they are the same as in iPhone X, which already has Face ID. Apple also changed the location, time and date, as if to make room for the supposed “Bang”.

Now developed by Guilherme Rambo found in your iPad settings the ability to enable Face ID on the iPad.

So no doubt — in the fall we will see an iPad with a Face ID.

6. “Conditionally available” iPhone 2018 model year, which may not be so available solution will not be released until November, reports the South Korean business newspaper the Bell. Thus, the smartphone could follow the path of its predecessor, which appeared in retail with a delay of almost two months.

The sources of The Bell in the supply chain claim that Apple’s suppliers are faced with disruptions in the production of display panels for the future smartphones. This is because I believe the sources that 6.1-inch iPhone will still receive LCD matrix, and not the OLED, thus refuting the previous leaks.

Despite the delay “budget” iPhone, the other two models will be released on schedule, predicts The Bell. Samsung Display, a major supplier of OLED panels for Apple smartphones, capable to provide uninterrupted supply of displays, which is her main source of income.

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