Apple news, 276 the issue: the release of macOS Mojave and problems Face ID

We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will talk about macOS Mojave, problems, Face ID, and more!

1. C output iOS 12 map service, Apple has been working even worse than before. As reported by Reddit users, the cards have completely forgotten how to rebuild the route, preventing the reaching the destination even with a slight deviation from the course, regardless of the region.

2. IPhone users XS and XS MAX complain about the appallingly low connection speeds when connecting smartphones to Wi-Fi and LTE, claiming that they work even slower than the old models. A bad signal is observed only when you work with LTE without affecting the 3G, and only in the iPhone XS or XS Max.

3. 6.5-inch display flagship phablet iPhone XS Apple was the best thing that ever came out on the market. This conclusion was made by experts from DisplayMate lab.

4. After exactly a week since the official release of iOS 12 Apple released the final version of macOS 10.14 Mojave. The latest version of the proprietary operating system of the company, recognized as the best software platform for Desk – and laptops, will surprise owners of compatible devices expanded range of functionality and a focus on the automation of many everyday processes.

macOS Mojave was the first version of Apple’s desktop OS with support for dark themes. Mode dims the shades of the interface so that work with a Mac was the most comfortable regardless of time of day and ambient lighting conditions. Dimming is available for desktop and embedded applications Mac.

App News, Stocks, voice Recorder and the House before was an exclusive only available on the iPhone, but with the release of macOS Mojave appeared on the Mac. With their help, users will be able to learn the most current news, follow the course of securities, to control devices from the “smart home” and comfort to make voice notes and even record the whole lecture.

Along with the above-described functions in macOS Mojave has been extended regime Continuity. Now Mac users can get quick access to images, screenshots and scans of documents taken on the iPhone or iPad.

5. Three-dimensional face recognition technology, which was first implemented in iPhone X, still has a few flaws, not allowing it to be considered as the reference method of identification. As shown by multiple experiments, Face ID is impervious to the faces of people under the age of 13, the twins and even children and their parents, mistaking them for one person and at the root, undermining its credibility. Unfortunately, this drawback has migrated to the new iPhone XS and XS Max.

Despite some improvements, Face ID in the new iPhone, which Apple said at the presentation on September 12, the authentication system still suffers from the fact that confuses people alike.

The experiment began with the fact that one of the twins has made my face in the memory of the iPhone XS Max, and then check the Face ID, and gave the smartphone to my brother. He did the same actions, and the smartphone is unlocked. The machine took the other twin for the first and even not asked for a password to update the virtual mask is entered in the memory. ID not bother neither the beard of one of the twins or hats, which were used in subsequent stages of the experiment.

6. Apple will improve the iPhone camera XS and XS Max in future updates. As shown by the first experiments, the camera of the new iPhone XS and XS Max was even better than what Apple has established in last year’s iPhone X. to Bring the quality of pictures taken on smartphones, failed due to a significant increase in the size of the built-in sensor and enlarge the view angle of a wide angle lens. However, engineers from Cupertino do not intend to rest on our laurels and plan to continue to expand the photographic capabilities of the flagship devices relevant service packs installed.

One of the functions, the appearance of which is expected in future versions of the iPhone XS and XS Max is the native slider to adjust the effect of the bokeh at the moment of shooting. This possibility was presented at the presentation on September 12, however, were not available “out of the box” and appeared in the first beta build of iOS 12.1. The test update is now available to owners of the flagship smartphone of 2018, along with all the other last week.

The emergence of manual adjustments to customize the bokeh effect is an important innovation for not only for owners of iPhone XS and XS Max, but for iOS as a whole. In the old days Apple was an ardent opponent of all possible modes and configurations, flatly refusing to add to the OS functions to customize the quality of the shot.

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