Apple news: Apple’s live event on 25 March and the release of iOS 13

This week in the world of Apple was especially eventful – so much so that, it seems, we know when the next presentation. Spoiler alert – very soon! Now about all will tell.

1. Well, let’s just up trumps — the next presentation of Apple can be held March 25, according to informed sources. However, the new iPhone and iPad are unlikely to be delivered: the event will be entirely dedicated to services, and the headliner will be updated on Apple News, which will give users access to paid Newspapers and magazines for a single subscription.

Of course, the event will be held in the Theatre of Steve jobs on the new campus Apple. Why this time without the “irons”? The release of the new iPad and iPad Mini, headphones and AirPods wireless charging station AirPower has clearly shifted the focus from digital products company. Money rules the world, as they say.

2. Okay it was only one presentation, is it still this week confirmed the release date of iOS 13! Everything will happen at the worldwide developers conference, which will be held from 3 to 7 June. This confirms the schedule of all upcoming events is published on the website of the administration Department of the city of San Jose.

Presentation of updates for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS, as usual, will be the day of WWDC. It turns out that this year updates will be presented on Monday, June 3. On this day, most likely, Apple will release a beta version of iOS 13, Mac OS 10.15, tvOS 13 and watchOS 6.0. To attend the event can anyone — enough to buy a ticket for $ 1599 and win “the lottery”, which compete for places.

3. Every day millions of iPhone users download apps in the App Store, buy the program or use in-app purchases. But have you ever wondered how much you spend in the Apple app store for the whole year? Analysts from Sensor Tower estimated — about 5,000 rubles.

At least, that is how much spent the average iPhone owner in the United States. This is a third more than in 2017, and 2.5 times higher than three years ago. Most of the money users spent on mobile games, the rest was spent on other popular categories: entertainment, music, social networks, and health.

4. What, again? There is a new symbol of death, which “kills” any iPhone.

This time managed to do without the symbols of the Telugu language and various African dialects. To get your iPhone out of reboot, it is necessary in any application where there is a possibility of text input to enter a combination of five hyphens in a row. However, it has to be voice in any language, be it Russian or English. This error is triggered even in the Spotlight, reloading any iPhone, regardless of model and probably the version of the operating system.

The bug affects not only actual iOS as No. 12.1.4, but the second beta of iOS 12.2.

5. Meanwhile, the MacBook has driven the Russians into debt. A significant proportion is sold in 2018 in Russia laptops were purchased with borrowed funds. About 40% of the laptops bought in installments or credit, which is essentially the same. And that’s without considering non-earmarked cash loans and credit cards!

Why is everyone suddenly wanted to buy a MacBook? Many were afraid of increasing retail prices due to tax increases from 18% to 20%, which occurred from January 1, 2019. That is the price increased, and demand… too. Such is a minute economy.

These are the main news from the world of Apple over the past week. Discuss them in the comments and in our Telegram chat (there is a lot of interesting things coming out). By the way, even subscribe to our feed to Yandex.Zen. There are exclusive materials that do not come to the site.

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