Apple news: leg monitor 70, 000 and 3D Touch for all

Ended finally, the week dedicated to the WWDC 2019, and we probably will not be once again razmusolivat the same news – if you want to see the results, videos will find here, and review of iOS 13 – here. It is better to analyze the most controversial moments from the last presentation – and, believe me, there were many.

Leg 70 000 rubles

Let’s start with one of the biggest innovations — and no, it’s not a Mac Pro and not even the iOS 13. This… is the leg of a Apple monitor! Of course we watched the presentation live, and my first thought, like many, was this: “Seriously, stand for 70 000 rubles?”. In the head and really don’t understand how a piece of aluminium with a built-in mechanism for rotating and movement of the monitor up and down can cost so much.

Yes, the “stand” looks pretty good. It has an elegant modern minimalistic design that you would expect from Apple. But is it worth $ 999? Unlikely. There not too expensive mechanism, and coating with gold, so the cost of this accessory is probably several times less (if not 10 times).

Who will buy this? Mostly those who work professionally with video difficult to come up with some more challenges (well, except for mining, but it is possible to build a computer several times cheaper). In this industry a very different pricing — look how many camera accessories are RED!

Of course, it did not justify a high price for the stand (foot) from Apple, and generally seems to savagery. But those who need it, just took a look at the new Mac Pro. And to the monitor. And to the stand. And it will buy the same!

The only thing that never fit in the head — why Apple doesn’t put in a box with a monitor at least a simple stand (for $ 99). Aluminum sorry?

Apple will find you

But that will affect absolutely everyone (and us), so this is a new feature of Find My, of which a first said at WWDC. This advanced analog utilities “Find my iPhone”, which includes “Find friends”. But its unique feature is not in complexity but in the ability to find the device, even if they are not connected to the Internet or – more – exhausted.

Find My do can determine the location of the missing devices without a network or without charge. This is possible thanks to Bluetooth Low-Energy technology that requires so little energy that can send signals from a fully depleted MacBook still for approximately one to two months. This signal is read by iPhone and iPad users passing by and in the encrypted form is passed to the owner of the missing laptop with data on its location.

And although they say that to decipher this signal can only Apple device the principle function looks very futuristic. Seriously, imagine a world where all iPhone and iPad connected even when switched off! Do not be surprised if Apple’s headquarters is a huge screen with a map of the user’s movement.

Apple with you will include

During the presentation of iOS 13 Apple revealed another feature — “Sign in with Apple”. This is a special button that allows the user 13 iOS log in to the application by analogy with Google account, Twitter or Facebook.

For example, you can create a randomly generated email address that hides the real email address during registration in the app or on the website. How the user will be able to reset your password? The developer will send an email to the generated email address, but will come it is already real. However, neither the creators nor the sites will not be able to know the real address of the user — it is known only by Apple.

Function is convenient, but the developers added a headache: they would have to add a button to login with an Apple ID MANDATORY. This is confirmed by the new guidance from the App Store.

3D Touch to the masses

Do you remember the ovation received by Apple when shown 3D Touch? There was beautiful animation, videos and so on. So, it seems that he nafig nobody needs! Apple decided to abandon the use of 3D Touch in favor of Haptic Touch.

So the 3D Touch gestures will now be available to all — even on the iPhone SE. The smartphone allows you to call the context menu of the application, preview links, and report on long-term retention. It appears that with the release of iOS 13 the iPhone 6s won’t have any advantages over the iPhone SE, which used to be a stripped-down version of the flagship that is due to the lack of 3D Touch.

So then what can be concluded? It turns out that the 3D Touch interface could be implemented in the form in which he appeared in iOS 13, from the beginning. However, it is clear that Apple banal needed at least some kind of killer feature for the iPhone 6s, which subsequently roamed to a new iPhone model just by inertia.

Perhaps this is the most controversial moments from the last presentation. But what most touched you? By the way, has moved onto iOS 13? Please share your impressions in the comments and in our Telegram chat (there is a lot of interesting things coming out). By the way, even subscribe to our feed to Yandex.Zen. There are exclusive materials that do not come to the site.

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