Apple news: Revealed all the features of iPhone 11

Until Tim cook gives advice on the necessity of higher education, we have to find out all the key innovations of the iPhone 11 and Apple has presented new features for Apple Pay. So now you will find many interesting, Dale!

1. In September this year will be presented the new line of iPhone — however, the innovations we already know almost everything. First, the design of the new iPhone will not change. The most noticeable difference will be the additional camera modules. IPhone 11 the iPhone 11 will be Max triple camera (wide angle lens), the iPhone XR 2 — double.

In addition, the iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max will be half a millimeter thicker all smartphones will have better optical zoom. Well, without the standard buns like Apple A13 processor with advanced performance machine learning will not do.

But the main thing — the new iPhone will be able to recharge other devices, for example, the case AirPods with support for wireless charging.

2. But even that is not so epic news, like the fact that Apple has allowed to pay in the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music and iCloud via Apple Pay! This means that you can now pay and renew subscriptions to these sites with a card linked to the Wallet app on your iPhone. Well, or ordinary apples if you want (actually not).

Interestingly, this thing is only works in 9 countries, but Russia was in the first wave, so feel free to use the new payment method. This can be done in Settings — iTunes Store and App Store.

The main convenience is that now you don’t have to manually score the data card, and just choose an existing file.

3. Meanwhile, Apple called the iPhone with best battery life in history. Who do you think was this “agile”? iPhone XR!

Yes, it is today the best indicator of the autonomy of all iPhone ever entered the market. Impact low resolution IPS-matrix, which requires significantly fewer resources to maintaining their health than organic panels that are installed in older models. As a result, iPhone XR even Apple claims is able to live at least an hour longer than the iPhone XS Max.

And how many were at the time of the talk that XR does not need anyone!

4. I think how to get a from Apple a million dollars? One American already did it, just sending the company pictures of empty boxes iPhone.

He repeatedly turned to Apple with a complaint that they purchased in the online store the item came before him and demanded a refund. Each time he presented himself by the name of the real buyer who really issued the order through the Apple Online Store, confirming the fact of acquisition of a photograph of an empty box. That’s just the box that was from a fake smartphone. And he received in return new and original.

But the surprise in this situation is completely different. It is not clear where and, most importantly, how he learned the real data of buyers do place orders through the Apple Online Store. But karma has already caught up with the boxed maniac — he faces up to 20 years in prison on several counts and a fine of 750 thousand dollars.

And Tim cook gave advice about higher education (spoiler — go to code, and everything will be in chocolate), Apple released iOS 12.3 for all, Yandex has made caller ID for iPhone. Discuss news in the comments and in our Telegram chat (there is a lot of interesting things coming out). By the way, even subscribe to our feed to Yandex.Zen. There are exclusive materials that do not come to the site.

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