Apple News+ useless The number of subscribers increased almost six months later

Remember this service – Apple News+? Well, the one in which the company wanted to collect the best Newspapers and magazines from around the world and provide them to iPhone and iPad owners using their own mobile apps. In the Arsenal of the Apple News+ more than 300 Newspapers and magazines, which are available in the standard application, Apple News, and in the number of participants in Wired, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair and other publications from around the world. That’s just despite that, the service seems to “not fly” (I do not if that does not start in Russia?).

People just stopped reading?

CNBC, citing sources close to Apple News+, reportsthat Apple is struggling to add new subscribers to your service. The fact is that when the product debuted, Apple has received nearly 200,000 followers within 48 hours, but she was not lucky to attract many new customers. The number of subscribers has increased quite a bit with the first two days of service, say insiders.

Publishers, who thought that the service will bring more profit, disappointed by poor sales. Apple gets 50 percent of the revenue from each subscriber Apple News+, while the remaining money is distributed among the publishers, depending on how much time subscribers spend on reading your content. So, one publisher received the Apple News+ from 20 000 to 30 000 dollars a month, which is much lower than expected. Another publisher said CNBC that although revenue growth lower than expected, the amount of content in the service is growing.

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Apple News+ is available on iOS and Mac

Apple News in Russia

In Russia, too many people read news, why is Apple News+ us “does not Shine”? Let’s start with the fact that there are not many media that work on a subscription model. Yes, and the question of the cost of the subscription. In the United States is $ 9.99 (just like in the Apple Music), but for Russian realities it will have to adapt — the same Apple Music in Russia is 169 rubles per month, and this, incidentally, is less than 3 dollars. Unlikely its user base will be enough to cover the expenses of the company (and the media) with such payment. Still the news is not music, there is also to be able to read necessary.

But the stagnation of the number of subscribers can play for us, and Apple News+ coming to Russia. Still, Apple has “hundreds of employees that make News+ better and develop new features”, and it is unlikely the company will declare its defeat on the battlefield of the services, when just entered the ring.

But… there is another option. Bloomberg saysthat Apple will introduce a single subscription to its services already in 2020. In Cupertino are planning to sell a single subscription to Apple Music, Apple TV+ Apple News+. It can attract new subscribers, because the price that Apple will charge for a bundled subscription, would be less than if you pay for each service separately.

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By the way, the launch of the Apple News+ not without incident. Previously, when you first launch the app Apple News+ on macOS in the cache have kept a few pages of most popular magazines. The developer found out that these files were not encrypted. He managed to convert the received data to a PDF. Thus, the developer had the opportunity to download and browse magazines absolutely free, without having to take out a paid subscription.

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