Apple now allows users to access data collected about them

Implemented company Apple American its promise to provide a service to download users ‘ private data gathered by them, so after the pressure and the laws imposed by the authorities of the protection of privacy in the European Union, which forced all companies in the technical sector to allow the users to access their own data.

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Some companies, such as Facebook, already allows access to data collected about users, has shocked a lot of people after reviewing the sheer volume of information that is collected and stored. Was Apple aware of the concerns of privacy over the past few years, there are odds that you find that what bothers you most from the data file to your Apple TV, which he doesn’t need a lot of data.

Possible access to your data of this page, which will ask you to confirm your identity through the authentication code binary if you have done the feature of two-step verification, in addition to some of the questions and mostly you will have to wait for so many days is the processing of your profile.

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