Apple now begin to provide the grace period entries automatic experiencing some errors

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Have you ever encountered a problem related to billing in the iTunes App Store, where it is to stop the subscription temporarily when there is an error in trying to pull the price of a subscription to a new credit card that you have installed on your account? If it’s happened to you already, you may be happy to know that Apple will be a grace period for billing your subscription on the iTunes store the App Store.

According to the publication on the website of the Apple official developers, he says : ” We have worked closely with leading developers to create a solution to reduce the upset customer with an improved experience subscriptions selectable automatic. With the grace period of the new of the automatic renewal is not successful, participants can follow-up access to the paid content for your application while trying to Apple TV you get the payments – allowing them time to fix the problem “.

In fact, it is not surprising that the company is making Apple do their utmost to keep the customer suspects for as long as possible. Because subscriptions to ensure a source of steady income, unlike the application of the rechargeable one. Moreover, the contributions called for Apple to collect their own share constantly of the value of subscriptions without having to do too much.

According to Apple, you’ll choose the grace period based on the duration of the subscription. For example, will subscribe for a week grace period of 6 days, the subscription for a month grace period of 16 days, etc.

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