Apple ofexile problem with trottling new MacBook Pro OS update

Apple has released an update for macOS, which should fix the throttle problem with the new MacBook Pro.

First of all, Apple apologized to users for the problem: “We apologize to each user, faced with the problems of low performance in their new systems.”

The company also reported that excessive throttle caused the problems in the firmware macOS. “After additional testing workloads, we found that the system does not have enough digital switch for cooling system, which influences the thermoregulatory system and can lead to a decrease in the frequency of the processor when it loads on the new MacBook Pro,” reads the Apple statement.

Another solution to the problem is to use the MacBook Pro in the refrigerator

The problem should be solved in update macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G2208). According to Apple, the update will increase the working speed 15-inch MacBook Pro at 70% and the 13-inch models – 100%.

P. S. After installing the update, users of the new MacBook Pro have reported that the CPU was throttling now is not observed, the frequency of the processor and temperature of the system stable even under heavy load. And here the first tests with the patch from Apple.

Huge performance increase yet. If before the patch 2018 MacBook Pro with Core i9 was about 11% faster than last year’s model on Core i7 (2.9 GHz), then after the upgrade, this figure increased to just 20%.

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