Apple offer the advantage of supporting multiple cameras in the iOS update 13

Made Apple a lot of features and improvements in iOS update 13, is support for the multiple settings of the cable car is one of the important characteristics that are added From Apple in iOS update 13 and also iPadOS.

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Provided system landed during the last years Support feature settings multi-camera in the devices landed, and today offers Apple this feature in the end through the iOS update 13 and also iPadOS, after that the restricted system Macs in the past.

It is planned to have support feature settings multi-camera control through iOS update 13 on new versions only of phones iPhone, which comes from phones iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max and also the iPhone and XR and are also available for the last version of your iPad Pro through the iPadOS.

Projections indicate that the feature is enabled in support settings multi camera will allow users to make some settings in camera, including the use of the sensor main camera back with sensor telephoto, or use the sensors of the main sensor with the camera front, how come other settings to allow the use TrueDepth in the camera front.

Also expected to support this feature for the upcoming versions of phones iPhone that come settings a three-camera background from Settings sensor camera possible angles is wide, as this feature supports recording video, taking pictures, recording audio and also more than the entire car at the same time.

Recall that Apple supports developers of one software the settings of the camera in the iOS update 13, to support and add new feature in different applications.


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