Apple offered a financial reward to the discoverer of the gap in camera FaceTime

The company announced Apple Pay a financial reward لGrant Thompson, who at the age of 14 years, which was discovered back in place Information Group in full control of FaceTime recently.

Apple will pay Grant Thompson

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After that the monitoring of Grant Thompson gap in video calls in full control of FaceTime recently, which lead to listening to the other party to the user before agreeing to receive the call, the company announced the Apple about its plans to reward a student who reaches the age of 14 years.

Has he found out Grant Thompson this gap during the setup to start group conversations among his friends in the game Fortnite, where his mother tried to call the company Apple is ready to clarify this problem through email, or through social media without receiving any response until last week, where the company called Apple officially after the spread of this problem on the internet.

On the other hand, the company launched the Apple corrected the problem by updating the iOS 12.1.4, also indicated that it is willing to compensate the family of the teenager, Grant Thompson and also determine the bonus gifts to support adolescent learning.

Recall that the value of the bonus set by Apple لGrant Thompson has not been announced officially, only Apple know the offer bonuses and financial compensation up to $ 200 thousand a finder of security vulnerabilities.


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