Apple offers a choice of new colors earphone Powerbeats Pro Wireless on 22 August

Company provides Apple during the days of more choices in the colors of the headphone Powerbeats Pro Wireless, which was launched to the market in the beginning in black, while starting from the 22 of August with both the colors blue, green and also white.

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Launched to mark the beats subsidiary of Apple headset its Wireless Powerbeats Pro during the month of April last, where available in markets in black only, however, Apple has indicated that the payment of more choices in the colors of the sky wireless during the summer.

Today, select Apple 22 of August for pre-order for the new colors of the sky wireless through the company store on the internet, where the Powerbeats Pro both of the colors blue, white, ivory and green, to begin charging users on the 30th of August.

It is estimated that available new colors of the sky also in all over the world, markets that have already the Black color of the headset Powerbeats Pro Wireless, as they come choices of the new in colors with the same level of pricing wireless speaker $ 250 almost.

Recall that the headset Powerbeats Pro comes with some of the special earphones of the Apple wireless AirPods, where each speaker provided a processor H1, with the advantage of throwing the voice commands to activate the sky with the words “Hey Siri”, also come to hear the Powerbeats Pro Wireless with conjugations fast both iPad, phones iPhone along with Mac, while others come to hear the Powerbeats Pro design supports athletes in particular.


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