Apple offers trial versions of iOS 13 وiPadOS and also macOS Catalina users

Provide Apple now feature the experience of the beta versions of iOS 13 وiPadOS and also macOS Catalina by public users, to the possible from Apple in these coming updates.

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You won’t need to a special account with the developers now to experience the nurses coming in the iOS update 13 وiPadOS and also macOS Catalina, where Apple is now the opportunity to experience the trial versions by all users.

This is the demo version of the first of the updates to iOS 13 وiPadOS and also macOS Catalina custom for all users, where the restricted experience of the trial versions prior to developers registered in Apple only.

Will definitely provide its users the lack of stability in these beta versions, with some errors expected in beta versions, but it’s a chance to experience the features of this update before the launch of the stable version in the autumn of this year.

Comes the demo version of the iOS update 13 users with the experience of Al dark, the apps that got an update and important improvements including apps, Mail, Maps, Notes, along with the application Reminders, and also the user can experience the advantage of the smart in the pictures, with stickers Memoji new, with improvements in audio Siri and faster loading for apps.

It also gets the users of the iPad to feature Experience update iPadOS with the new interface, the screen information in the device interface, with the advantage of browsing at full screen, and also the possibility of running more than one application at the same time, supporting the feature of external storage.

While the focus of Apple in update macOS Catalina on applications in particular, where the implementation of all of the music apps وPodcasts and also the TV application from each other.


I know of

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