Apple officially announced the MacBook Pro size 16 inches new design the price starts from 2399 to $

Revealed Apple now officially on the MacBook Pro possible the size of a 16 inch, which is available for pre-booking later this week at a starting price of 2399 USD.

After that confirmed many of the leaks on the development of Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch, revealed Apple today officially unveiled the device, which applies a range of new features with a new design for the keyboard.

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Used Apple MacBook Pro size 15 inch with a brand new release today, which combines some of the features which include a new processor, a keyboard with a new design, too, with speakers of more efficient, and of course a larger size in the screen.

Come first the specifications marked on your MacBook Pro 16 inch in keyboard, where you replaced Apple plate butterfly mechanical known devices MacBook keyboard scissor switches, which is the earlier design of the keyboards and the Apple except that it is more reliable and efficient.

Keyboard MacBook Pro 16 inch

Come keyboard the new version with the distance millimeters between the Keys, featuring a performance of quiet compared to the keyboard MacBook Pro size 15 inch, with keyboard, the new design better with the background lighting more accurate, with the same design language of the hardware keyboard 2015, however, Apple emphasizes that the lid of the keyboard distinctive design fixed better.

It also comes keyboard size is relatively smaller, so show the distance between the keys larger, also supports keyboard replacement is one of the keys independently in the case of give it, also include the color of the Esc key in the upper left side.

Also includes keyboard Bar Touch design is shorter, with the sensor footprint in the right side of the touch strip, as the back of Apple design keyboard design the “inverted T” which supports the user in finding the arrow keys to go more smoothly.

Design and specifications of your MacBook Pro 16 inch

Features a MacBook Pro 16 inch design thicker than the previous version at the rate of 0.7 mm, however, with this design offering Apple system to heat my new design in full, where the Apple on to the surface to distract the thermal processing unit has been increased by 35%, and that the fans come with the ability to push the air to the largest of 28%. Confirm Apple on improvements in the board logic with the speaker to support the dispersal of heat outside the structure of the device more efficiently.

And Apple two of the main models for your MacBook Pro to the size is with the ninth generation of processors Intel, which features one of the models with a processor Core i7 Processor Number 6 of the nuclei, while the second model processor Core i9 eight nuclei.

Comes two models the memory of a random 16 GB RAM at 2666MHz DDR4 memory with a storage capacity of 512 GB or 1 TB in SSD, while Apple this year model with the specifications of the ultra-up to 64 GB RAM in RAM, and 8 terabytes in storage capacity in the SSD, where this model is priced at 6099 dollars.

In the capacity of the battery support Apple MacBook Pro-size is the capacity of 100Wh at the battery, where he is scheduled to call this version the user’s age charge up to 11 hours.

Loudspeakers and microphones in MacBook Pro size in

Support Apple this is version number 6 of the loudspeakers, which is one of the possible translations in this version, as confirmed by Apple that the device comes with two speakers and a “force cancelling woofers” in each side, which support the device to cancel vibrations of the external support amplifying the voice of more efficiently, with the bass stronger, and less noise.

Come loudspeakers perform the best with the jacket supports video amplify the audio with the highest quality and clarity in the acoustics, as confirmed by Apple that the device features three microphones that mimic the performance of the broadcast through microphone to USB. It also features device camera 720p, which supports the production of images of good quality for video calls and video conferencing.

Screen MacBook Pro the size is

With the size of 16 inch in the screen of the MacBook Pro offers Apple display resolution 3072 1920 pixels, with a wide color gamut wide of P3, with the technical support of the Apple True Tone color shifting, and the brightness of the screen is 500 nits.

It also features a screen design with frames too skinny in the left and right side of the screen in particular, while the frame size is relatively larger in the lower and upper part of the screen.


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