Apple officially launches update MacOS Mojave for all users in all over the world

MacOS Mojave

At its annual conference for developers WWDC 2018 earlier this year, the Apple slide the curtain officially on the main version latest MacOS under the name of the MacOS Mojave. Now a few months after that moment, I decided to Apple to allow this new version of the system, MacOS for download finally. The system was MacOS Mojave available for a relatively long but the trial period ended today. Can now for all users who own computers, Mac-compatible upgrade to MacOS Mojave.

There are many new features in the system of MacOS Mojave, including, but not limited to night mode ” Dark Mode“, a new version of store, Mac App Store, and the new system files, as well as many other new features. It should be noted that the system of MacOS Mojave been available for several months ago, so it was anyone of his experience, but the vast majority of users prefer to wait until an official version stable.

This is exactly what is happening today. Apple is working now on system version MacOS Mojave formal and stable for all computers compatible. Users around the world will receive a notice in the shop Mac App Store tells them that there is a new update key is now available for download.

Apple News and Voice Memos and Home and Stocks are all apps were available on iOS devices only, but decided Apple brought to the Mac as well with a MacOS Mojave new for the first time ever. For computers that support system MacOS Mojave, they are including computers, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro that were released in mid-2012 or later, computers iMac that was released in 2012 or later, as well as computers MacBook that was released in the year 2015 or later. As you would expect, open MacOS Mojave available for the update is free for all users.

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