Apple officially reveal its smart new Apple Watch Series 4

Revealed Apple during the event now holds its headquarters in the official “Apple Park” about a new smart watch bearing the name Apple Watch Series 4, which carry a number of updates and new features to users, comes with former screen featured the top 30% of previous versions, and at parties.

And the screen of the new user heavily in control applications, this design provided show more information of stock, heart rate, and activity, and can turn water to steam, as it works accelerometer, gyroscope to track activity throughout the day and get to strokes and other health
According to the company was to provide the former with a processor twice as fast than the previous version, thanks to the segments S4, the most important feature to come with the new arena is that they feel down, this is to help the user in getting help, if the button appears red when falling, can be pressed to connect to the emergency, in addition to the all day battery performance, a higher degree of privacy provided by the operating system of the new arena.


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