Apple officially reveal materials which will start shipping the Mac Pro to the new customers

Mac Pro 2019

Earlier this year, and exactly in the month of last June, Apple announced about the computer office professional Mac Pro 2019. Unlike the previous generation of Mac Pro, which killed somewhat the portability of the machine upgrade, the new computer offers the design of the familiar allows users to create computer better as per their wish.

Apple announced previously that it will launch Mac Pro new in the autumn, and now as part of the official announcement of Version 16 inch new MacBook Pro, confirmed the Apple it will start shipping the Mac Pro to the new customers in the month of December.

According to Apple, it has stated that it will sell the Mac Pro and the new starting price of 5999 USD for the core with the knowledge that these women come with Intel Xeon the tail of the eight cores with a frequency of 3.5 GHz, processor graphics AMD Radeon Pro 580X, as well as 32GB of RAM, and 256GB of internal memory, but this will all be viable depending on your needs, although we’ve heard that the most advanced version of the Mac Pro new may cost up to 50 thousand USD.

However, it is clear that the Mac Pro new this is aimed at professionals who may need such a performance possible and don’t mind paying for it, but if you don’t mind spending this kind of Money, Month is like December is the month to be able to get this computer.

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