Apple once again proved that it is not necessary to neglect the updates

The developers of Apple have fixed a cryptographic error that occurs in the Protocol Bluetooth and allows attackers to intercept traffic, intruding into a connection between paired devices. Informed about the dangers of exploitation warned the employees of Intel and Bluetooth SIG.

As explained by experts in the field of cybersecurity company BleepingComputer, a vulnerability may occur due to insufficient thorough check of devices with Bluetooth enabled encryption options when connecting to each other. This in turn allows attackers that are close to the victim (at a distance of 30 m), to obtain access to its confidential data.

Is it worth to upgrade to iOS 11.4 and macOS 10.13.5

Despite the fact that publicly the existence of the vulnerability was only reported on July 23, Apple released updates proprietary OS with a fix for the bug almost a month ago. And though actually to suffer from the manifestations of defects in the encryption system can only be a limited percentage of users, this is a good reason to upgrade and not to expose myself even the slightest risk.

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