Apple One: how Apple's single subscription will work and how much will it cost

As users choose to update their iPhones less and less, Apple is increasingly turning to digital services (services) to increase revenue. Now it has become known that these services may soon be available through a single subscription under the possible name Apple One . For those who are tired of paying multiple subscriptions each month for different services separately, this makes sense, but only if Apple gets it right.

Lower subscription fees will actually make Apple earn more

According to Bloomberg , Apple One "will allow customers to subscribe to several of the company's digital services at a lower monthly price." Single subscriptions are likely to launch this fall alongside the launch of the iPhone 12 line.


How much does an Apple subscription cost

Apple currently offers four streaming services:

  • Apple Arcade , 199 rubles per month , up to six family members;
  • Apple Music , 169 rubles per month or 269 rubles for six family members;
  • Apple TV + , 199 rubles per month , up to six family members;
  • Apple News + , $ 10 per month , includes access to up to six family members (not available in Russia) .

Apple also offers three iCloud storage plans; the cheapest one – 59 rubles a month includes 50 GB of storage, another one – 149 rubles a month with 200 GB, and the larger one – 2 TB for 599 rubles a month.

Если вы оформите семейную подписку на все три развлекательных сервиса (актуальные в России), их стоимость составит 667 рублей в месяц , плюс стоимость хранилища iCloud. На одного такой же набор обойдется в 567 рублей .

Apple Music and iCloud would be enough for me

In my opinion, the ideal Apple services package would include all of the services mentioned above, with two important changes:

  • Cancel the Apple Music Family Plan and instead offer Apple Music for $ 169 per month for up to six family members.
  • Remove iCloud 200GB plan and replace it with 1TB plan for 149 rubles per month.

Then the cost of family plans, purchased separately, will be 567 rubles per month, as for an individual user. Together with 1 TB iCloud storage, you get 716 rubles per month .

Apple One cost

Логично предположить, что Apple будет взимать около 449 рублей в месяц у российских пользователей при оформлении индивидуальной подписки . Или 499 рублей в месяц при выборе семейной подписки . В этом случае оформление единого пакета действительно будет оправдано.

However, Apple may have other plans in this regard. According to Bloomberg, there are three variants of the Apple One. The base plan might include Apple Music and Apple TV +, while the more expensive one will add Apple Arcade. The premium option will also include Apple News + (for US users) and additional iCloud storage.

These pricing plans will save consumers between $ 2 and $ 5 per month, depending on the package chosen, Bloomberg reported.

If we translate all this into Russian realities, we are talking about saving from 100 to 150 rubles.

Why does Apple bundle all of its services?

The answer is simple – money

The bundling of services into single packages ensures Apple has a continuous stream of revenue, which is the main reason the company wants to go this route. That's why Disney, for example, is offering a slightly discounted 3-in-1 bundle in the US that includes Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN +. And yet, in these challenging times, Apple may need more than just throwing a modest bone to customers to succeed with the Apple One.

I would like Apple to finally increase its free iCloud storage . For 7 years, nothing has changed, Apple users both received 5 free gigabytes in iCloud, and continue to receive. No matter how many Apple devices you have and whether you buy an iPhone SE or an expensive new iMac, you still get 5 gigabytes.

When Apple One comes out

We'll hear about Apple's plans shortly. Due to the pandemic, Apple probably won't announce new iPhones until October or November. Typically, the big iPhone announcement happens in September. Apple One subscription packages will also be announced around the same time. What do you think of Apple's single subscription? How much are you willing to pay and what services do you want to see in it? Tell us in the comments and in our Telegram chat .

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