Apple open jobs engineers chip in their backyard Qualcomm

آبل تفتح باب الوظائف لمهندسي الرقاقات في عقر دار كوالكوم

The conflicts between Apple and Qualcomm on Khalifa accused Qualcomm of fraud and exploitation of her position to impose any taxes to the maker of the iPhone, reportedly Qualcomm charges apple of stealing patents of its own were still ready for a moment supported the cause in the corridors of the courts, and on the front different the two companies from raising the issues committee and the courts launched the Apple 10 lists for vacancies especially engineers makers of the chips in the San Diego bastion of the company’s Semiconductor Qualcomm, according to Bloomberg.

And don’t think this step is Apple TV sudden or unexpected event, but it will certainly explain how to devote the company’s efforts in order to complete the career industry to chip it myself, especially being now design a lot of chips, its various organs, but the timing and place which is announced when the Apple on the job shows on the target crew Qualcomm directly, the latter being still enjoy the capabilities of high industry chip efficiency and quality unmatched in the market; let us be more precise after the company abandoned the chips of Qualcomm in its phones and replace them with Intel, It seems they seek to get the secret of modem company, known to be the best among its counterparts from other companies including modem Intel user in the iPhone now, there is no doubt that Apple is seeking to attract workers from Qualcomm in particular to work with in order to reach its aim.

In the victim site Bloomberg that the lists of functions displayed on the task related to the rights of different technology include techniques for fifth-generation Telecom 5G and LTE connectivity in addition to the University of artificial intelligence and Bluetooth, which probably means that Apple’s focus on the technical aspects again next season and breeding system of cellular communication.

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