Apple overhauled the user experience bad like with Windows

Every user of an iPhone devices Windows knows how bad the program iCloud on Windows devices, and it seems that Apple fixed this problem in cooperation with Microsoft. Where Apple has released a new version of the iCloud for Windows 10 is available for download from the Microsoft Store, offering a range of improvements that will fix the user experience bad.

The new version of iCloud allows access to your files stored on iCloud directly from the file manager on the computer without the use of device space, with the possibility to choose the files and folders that you want to keep them on the computer easily, while the improved sync with iCloud better than the current situation.

The application iCloud new Windows devices that uses the same technology used by the application OneDrive of Microsoft, which is very rare among the biggest contenders in the field of technology, which helps users to easily access photos and videos, mail and face contact, calendar, files, and other information from their accounts on iCloud across the computers running Windows.

Source: Apple – Microsoft

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