Apple paid $ 30 million per month to take advantage of Amazon cloud services

أمازون ويب سيرفيسز (AWS) تعلن إطلاق موقعي Edge في الإمارات

Think Apple and the great services they provide which are mainly dependent on the cloud services of iCloud to the service of her musical and even a movie service, etc., this helps more than a million and a half user for the company to enjoy the services provided by them.

But the truth is that Apple believes in its service cloud to other companies, according to CNBC the company is paying $ 30 million a month for Amazon to take advantage of their services to the cloud, thus forming the largest customers of Amazon in this area.

Was Apple TV in time to use the cloud services provided by Google, but it is now used Amazon’s services to do the various tasks of saving data to provide users services leisure without any permit from the police about this step in advance, include what you pay $ 360 million per year.

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