Apple parking the Facebook sense are seeking to start making a system of augmented reality

Many analysts and executives for tech firms that augmented reality glasses will be the device that will replace smartphones in the future, a statement that seems hard to imagine now, but with the start of the formal schemes, so technically, everything is possible. According to Bloomberg, the Apple TV and Google it, Facebook met with representatives of the companies that make the components of the augmented reality glasses at CES CES 2018, as the giants met in South Korea, Samsung and LG have requested parts from suppliers of components augmented reality in order to build prototypes and conduct tests for their next device. As reported by Bloomberg that the technology companies the likes of snapchat those interested in also making a system of augmented reality, both of them met through CES with potential partners to manufacture components for them. According to earlier reports, Apple will launch the system to its augmented reality by 2020 and is currently awaiting to be appropriate content in a system iOS for iPhone, and giants to her side are preparing for the future, we’ll see several devices, the productivity of such technology over the next year. Source: Bloomberg

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