Apple patent offer Touch ID in the screen of the Apple Watch smart

Recorded Apple company during the financial period patented sensor technology foresight in screen Touch ID, which offers in an hour Apple’s smart.

Use Apple company to bring the technology to capture the fingerprint in the screen for future versions of hour Apple Smart, where monitoring has already patented the record from Apple for the technique in the patent office in the United States.

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I have a log file of the patent to offer the Apple titled “Antenna Assemblies For Watch Bands”, it is scheduled according to the diagrams of the patent that the technology has come antennas inside bracelet smart watch, that features the design of flexible supports bend and enjoy the convenience of the user.

It is also planned to operate the antennas in Bracelet smart watch for contact with the face and that will technique the sensor footprint on the screen, user temperature, with the sensor Pressure.

Has revealed leaks that Apple is working on a patent to provide supporting verification of the identity of the user by the palm of the hand, which will also work on the Apple Watch smart, while the patent of the new sensor finger-print, particularly in the screen of the smart watch, is expected to support this technical payment service, Apple Pay, as an alternative to using a scanner, or a passcode consisting of four digits.


I know of

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