Apple patented a new device for folding, here is what the Can looks like it

Galaxy Fold ---

Offer Apple recently applied for a new patent for a new invention for folding towards the inside similar to the Galaxy Fold from the Samsung company.

In the patent Apple TV, the device has a screen and a protective layer at the top designed for folding or bending along a specific area subject to bend like a joint in the case of the Galaxy Fold. It is estimated that the protective layer be of a material, ceramic such as glass or Sapphire or zirconia. It should be noted that the figure below shows a device capable of folding comprises a screen in the inside folds over itself similar to the Galaxy Fold ( figures 1A and 1B ). It is not clear what we see in Figure 4A. The device can be the same has been folded for the second time, or design a separate.

The rumors suggest tentatively that the year 2020 is the year that you’re supposed to say when Apple launched the iPhone foldable. At the same time, I got Apple on the patent a second keyboard smart Apple Smart Keyboard Folio. Includes a figure that was displayed to that this keyboard will contain a panel track on one side and maybe a keyboard and supports Apple Pencil in the other side.


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