Apple patented a new mechanism to non-invasively monitor glucose levels in the blood

Apple Watch

Smart watches, bracelets fitness available in the market today collects certain data about ourselves we didn’t know before, thanks to sensors built into those devices such as sensor heartbeat. And, of course, are expected to increase the functions of these devices in the future, and just recently we heard that Apple is planning to include a system for monitoring glucose levels does not require the introduction of tools into the body in a smart watch Apple Watch.

While it is said that a surveillance device concerned is far from being a reality, there is evidence to suggest that Apple is interested in this idea to say the least. This is according to the patent invention have been discovered recently which targets the Apple non-surgical method to monitor the glucose levels of the user.

According to the patent, it describes an optical system that uses absorption spectroscopy that can determine the concentration of glucose, for example, by applying light on the sample. With the passage of light through the water, the water absorption energy based on the length of the waves emitted, which in turn change the properties of light when you go out, this is called at the end of the battle over the concentration of the substance.

Although that sounds interesting and promising, however, current scientific methods to determine the composition of a sample using infrared radiation with short wavelength has not been successfully applied to glucose control. However, there is no guarantee using this method the mechanism of glucose control the frequency that it will reach the smart watch Apple Watch, but at least justify it that Apple is interested in this idea and explore it actively.



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