Apple patents MacBook with two screens

Every year Apple records hundreds of promising developments. Many of them will never be implemented in practice. But thanks to the patent applications we have a rough idea in which direction technology is going and what will be the future. Today it became known about another interesting idea – the Corporation has patented a MacBook with two screens.

Touch display with tactile response

Information about the corresponding patent application was published on the website of the US Patent office. According to the document, Apple describes the MacBook with two screens. One of the screens will act as a keyboard — but with a special tactile feedback.

How will this work?

The following document describes in detail the technology to create tactile feedback:

Display or pad can be equipped with electroactive polymer structures or actuators. The additional layer will allow you to create on-screen projections, recesses, reinforced and softened region and a different perceived tactile information.

Of course, the screen of the device can take and the usual “flat” form.

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This way Apple engineers are ready to solve the main problem of touch screens is the lack of tangible impact. It is likely that the company really is considering the issuance of a MacBook with two screens in the foreseeable future, as this is not the first was the development of the company in such region.

In theory, this idea could also to its embodiment in a folding iPad, which Apple has been working for some time. However, any evidence of this yet.

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