Apple Pay continues to gain popularity in Russia

Every year in Russia are becoming increasingly popular contactless payment methods. According to a study conducted by Alfa-Bank and the combined company “Svyaznoy”,”Euroset”, users have become much more actively use the mobile payment system, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay when paying their purchases. The number of such transactions during the year increased more than five times.

According to the source, for 2018, the Russians have made about 133 million purchases using contactless payment method. By the way, last year, there were disproportionately fewer transactions — a total of 26 million. But surprises at all it, and how quickly obtained wide spread of Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay among the population. Given that mobile payment services are officially earned in Russia only in 2016-2017, it can be called really impressive.

The explosive popularity of contactless payment services can be explained by the fact that it’s simple, convenient and even safer than the traditional method of calculating the credit cards. In addition, the market is becoming more and more affordable smartphones with NFC support, although earlier it was the prerogative of the flagship models.

High proliferation of contactless payment methods confirmed by representatives of the banking sector:

Many people no longer carry wallets, as the payment and discount card physically is not needed, — said Ivan Ivkin, zamrukovoditelja of the Directorate of the card, Deposit and electronic business of the Bank TKB, reports “Izvestia”.

Experts believe this year the services will become even more popular. According to their forecasts, through Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay will be made every sixth purchase, although last year this was the only one in the ninth payment.

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