Apple Pay: in typical Apple manner

A typical manner is quietly, but very carefully, to observe the actions of those who selflessly rushes to translate another fruitful idea, hoping for a miracle, and when their gambles fail, the arena goes to Apple and…

And the winner takes all.

If you clear the above from the snide context, Apple has taken over the new region only after examining them carefully, collecting and analyzing information about other people’s successes and failures, and thoroughly analyzing their own solution to things about which no one even would have thought to attend.

That is, it fools learn from their mistakes. Apple learns from others’. And his, too, because the world is complex and unpredictable, the risk is inevitable, and Apple have all the moves written down.

I’m still undecided (for me) whether Apple Pay revolution. Judging by the fact that in our days it is the most successful and widespread technology of its kind, can be a revolution.

If there were a gallery of “Apple” fame, Apple Pay would take in it one of the most honorable places near Apple II, the first om Mac, iPhone and iPad.

September 9, 2014, between iPhone 6/6+ and Apple Watch

In the main theatre of the College De Anza people came to hear about the “iWatch” – Apple’s watch, but confidence is still not there. You never know? The presentation of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus they received favorably. Apple, in their opinion, has finally come to his senses.

Then the public “gave” Apple Pay. Usually the September press conference lasted an hour, time was less and in the hall depressed. The scene told a very important and interesting things, but thinking about the watch, the students often looked at their own.

About Google Wallet, PayPal, Softcard, and a variety of these projects many have heard, knowing that anything acceptable from this did not work not especially believed another venture of Apple.

Although what they told me seemed promising. Safe, simple, convenient.

Was especially impressed by the ease of connecting the payment card to Apple Pay. This has not happened. That Apple immediately “forgets” it received the card number, some even checked. The most intelligent, forgetting (or not knowing) that in only one iTunes Store, Apple already had complete data on millions of payment cards, slyly grinned.

It’s nice to think that all around too, the rogues, right?

But the iPhone 6 and its camera reads data from the card – it commanded respect. I even wanted to try.

But, no matter how nice and cool it all looked to this adventure was the meaning of it was to take part, at least, hundreds of organizations. Payment system (VISA, MasterCard and American Express), major banks, retail chains and all that.

And it had the answer – it seems that it may earn. But it’s not a watch. Ugh!

And when the hope to see the first ever view of the clock from Apple was almost gone, and Tim cook started to close, happened OMT. One More Thing, the first time the executable is not Steve jobs, and this OMT was about a clock that was called not iWatch, but Apple Watch.

The presentation was fascinating, from the abundance of clock itself, their interfaces, straps, and other dry goods a little dazzled the eyes, but come to the theater that was in the seventh heaven of delight.

As the press conference continued and continued. It lasted 2 hours and 3 minutes.

Reaction forces

Due to the fact that most of the students wanted to hear about the watch, and the scene with Apple Pay not paid due attention to the pages of electronic and paper media have spilled so much stupidity and misunderstanding that without this project so seriously and carefully worked out, it would be trampled into the mud. The reaction was strong.

But had the audience and intelligent people, to explain to the others what was happening.

First, Apple Pay is not “electronic money”. Operating a car repair, banks and organisations like Visa and MasterCard over the years of its existence has created a powerful security system payments. To abandon it would be a mistake. No one was going to give them up.

Second, Apple Pay, replacing the existing security system, covered her weaknesses.

The weak point in security systems was the outlets accepting Bank cards as means of payment: all the data for each of the used cards, including the card number and the name of the owner, and the amount of the transaction, it was easy to steal.

When paying with CNP (Card Not Present, in the absence of the card), card number, and the details about its owner has passed, usually in plain text and was also easy prey.

Apple Pay did, this step is safe. Real credit card details were known only to the Bank that issued the card, and Apple. With the Bank everything is clear, without banks that issued their card. Apple sent them to the issuing Bank of a card to validate and prove its authenticity. Without it, alas, it was impossible to do.

In addition, the map was assigned a unique encrypted number that has nothing to do with her room. To use it outside of a specific context was not. Only in transactions, Apple Pay. The issuing Bank also had to know these details.

Both the Bank and the owner of Apple Pay (Apple) are most interested in keeping the maximum security and privacy of payments. Sensitive data to Apple Pay are not transmitted at all. On the device they are stored in a special secure chip in encrypted form.

Phone, was in the hands of the attacker, almost defenseless, but if the phone is stolen or lost, its contents can be erased remotely. Is not a panacea.

If this is not possible, the Issuer may block the card.

Crime remains a chance of damage, but with Apple Pay the chance less. It’s still not a magic talisman eightieth level.

I didn’t write anything about Touch ID (and in our days, and Face ID) to protect the user from possible damage, as you yourself know.


Revolution or not, but in iOS 8.1 support for Apple Pay appeared. Contactless payments with the iPhone, so far, worked only in the United States. Supported, it is not always part of trade organizations decided to boycott it (a year later, all the participants of the boycott supported Apple Pay in their retail networks), then the technology spread to other countries, in 2016, she came to the Russian Federation.

And users of iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s that do not have NFC chip with the release of the Apple Watch have the opportunity to use Apple Pay. In the Apple Watch was NFC.

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