Apple Pay OnePlus to change the date of the launch its smartphone OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T leaked

Apple announced yesterday that it will launch a number of its new products during a special event held on 30 October a day that will be the OnePlus through his latest smart phones, leading to the Chinese company later on change the launch date of OnePlus 6T.

Expected to steal Apple’s new products the lights for several days, which would adversely affect the OnePlus 6T if they had chosen the Chinese company launched on the same day. So I decided OnePlus advance of the conference to avoid any negative effects on the marketing of its phone flagship related.

Confirmed OnePlus today – after internal discussions stretched for hours – they changed the launch date of the phone by 6T announced the offer to become on 29 October. Defended the company on its decision on the grounds that happened to Apple’s control of the conference if I held on to the schedule itself.

While the OnePlus preferred to provide the date of its preference for interest only, in return, will observe her fans who had already booked flights and hotel rooms, where will these people cover all the additional costs or even the refund value of the ticket.

Thus, the OnePlus will be for a phone of its flagship 6T during a special event held in New York on 29 October starting from 11am local time (6 pm GMT Mecca).

Do you see that OnePlus did the right thing when he withdrew from this direct confrontation with a company the size of Apple? Share your opinion in the comments.

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