Apple Pay update for iOS 12.3 users with a new version of the TV application

The company announced the Apple announced the launch of updated iOS 12.3 users which comes with a key in the application of the Apple TV, which features a range of improvements with a new design.

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Comes update to iOS 12.3 users today with a newer version of the Apple TV that applies the new design, functions and more, where users can subscribe to channels Apple TV directly within the application, as it allows Apple users to pay for the loans only required, can register as a request to share presentations directly within the application.

Also offering Apple in the tab “Watch Now” and “Up Next” custom content to the user according to the learning algorithm representative of the artificial intelligence which operates on the selection performances according to the favorites of the user from the search history, or viewing.

It is scheduled to stop the application of Apple TV with new features in more than 100 countries around the world today, also comes the Apple TV section dedicated to children, working on the films and performances for children in different ages.

Also among the features that apply to out update iOS 12.3 with the application of the Apple TV in channels feature that allows users to direct recording in different channels within the app to watch the performances of their favorite, without having to go out and use the application.

Update iOS 12.3 also supports AirPlay, 2 TVs, a feature which allows users to use AirPlay 2 to display content on TVs, is scheduled to push the update to users all over the world today.


I know of

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