Apple planning to buy Tesla

That Apple is working on their own project of an unmanned vehicle, known for a long time. But nobody knew that in 2013, the company was seriously planning to buy an industry leader of electric cars – Tesla. About it analyst told Roth Capital Partners Craig Irwin, in an interview with CNBC. How would the world be different, if the purchase really took place? We can only guess.

According to the expert, Apple offered $ 240 a share, whereas at that time the value of securities was at $ 190. The acquisition of such magnitude would have cost the iPhone maker of 25-27 billion dollars.

Alas, the analyst is not told how far official negotiations. However, it is already clear that the transaction for one reason or another fell through.

The expert believes that Apple may still be interested in buying the company, especially when its cost has fallen in recent months. Recall that the value of one share of Tesla is $ 205. The whole company is estimated at 36 billion dollars.

Interest in Tesla is highly logical, given that Apple has for a long time is developing a mysterious project Titan. Initially, this concept involves the development of its own car from scratch. Later Apple abandoned this idea, and have cut a significant number of employees, and the remaining engineers moved on to other projects.

Some time passed, and Apple has once again resumed work on the project. However, in a different way. Now, Project Titan is not its own self-driving car, but rather a software platform to other manufacturers. It is possible that this is why Apple refused to purchase a key player in the market of electric vehicles.

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