Apple planning to support the iPhone in 2020 with a larger capacity in the battery

Confirmed the latest leaks that Apple has submitted a request to the supplying company ITM Semiconductor units new circuits to protect the battery, in order to support the next versions of the iPhone 12 with a larger capacity in the battery.

Think Apple on ITM Semiconductor Korean supply protection circuits private phones iPhone, where the already made units, protection circuits series phones iPhone 11 this year.

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Featuring new models of circles, special protection to the battery provided by the company ITM Semiconductor design is small in size, so I expected to come battery with a larger capacity.

Depends Apple is also on all of the company Compeq Taiwan, the وMinebeaMitsumi Japanese to the side of the ITM semiconductor supply Semiconductor for iPhone 11, while come the new models of semiconductors destined for phones iPhone 12 of ITM semiconductor in smaller units increased by 48% from existing models, to provide more space for the battery.

Recall that the company ITM semiconductor end close processing a new facility in Vietnam, to get ready to implement your supply requests phones the iPhone killer, in 2020.


I know of

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