Apple plans to ban all tracking sites in Safari

Take the company Apple’s strict stance on privacy online through a new policy to combat tracking in browser Safari, said: the methods of anti-tracking inspired by the car anti-tracking Mozilla.

She warned Apple’s advertisers via the internet and web developers it included a ban if they found out that they were tracking the activities of the user quickly through the Safari browser.

Dissemination of company policy to prevent tracking (WebKit) – the engine of the Safari browser, which deal with the details of the types of methods of anti-tracking developed by.

She also addressed the new policy practices which the company believes it is harmful to users, and unintended consequences of those measures and preventive countermeasures.

And the politics: if you try to a party analysis on ways to prevent the Trace we have, we might add additional restrictions without prior notice, may apply these restrictions at the global level or on the objectives of the classified algorithm or to certain parties involved in the analysis.

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It is clear that the company will not grant exceptions to certain parties, the new policy clarifies that “we are dealing with analysis on measures to combat tracking is just as dangerous as the exploitation of security gaps”.

Depends publishers and businesses heavily dependent on online tracking – any collect anonymous data about user activity on the web.

Although this practice is commonly used in targeted advertising, however, the implications go beyond mere display of relevant advertising, as it allows for marketers to create detailed profiles about your interests – leading to a loss of privacy.

And Apple to basically any kind of tracking without user consent or knowledge of his, where he began to take strict action on the track site two years ago using the protection feature of Intelligent Tracking (ITP).

This technique aims to reduce the tracking sites to the Advertiser via the Safari browser in the iOS; the Mac, as they assess the effectiveness of ad campaigns without compromising your privacy.

The new policy seeks to prevent all the operations of the tracking speed and the tracking, through the websites even if they are not confidential, except in the case of obtaining the user’s consent before allowing the tracking.

Apple explained that it would try to reduce the unintended impact of the methods of anti-tracking, particularly on practices that can be affected because they rely on techniques that can be used also to trace, such as the Like button.

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