Apple plans to embed a modem 5G in cell phones iPhone coming in year 2022

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Has Apple acquired the section responsible for the development of the information in Intel earlier this year in an attempt to develop chips of their own without relying on partners to accelerate important research and development. There are still a lot of work to be on Apple to do so it turns so despite the fact that there is a source inside Apple revealed that the modem 5G for this last us up to iPhone before the year 2022.

Apple currently has the benefit of information that it uses in its smart phones from Qualcomm with the knowledge that the latter promised to provide Apple with the information 5G for iPhones in the next year. However, given the difficult year that passed by both of the two companies, fighting in court on licensing practices wrong, you want Apple to fend for herself in the future. I’ve started the research and development team of its own to chip the modem chip and the wireless communication in the city of San Diego, California, the same city where the headquarters of Qualcomm, the task of development.

However, the detection source to 2022 is a goal that is sought by Apple. Even if the manufacturing process in the specified time, you must allocate some time for testing to improve all aspects in the world, and get certificates that guarantee compliance modem company of global standards, as well as the standards of the FCC. local.

You want Apple to basically embed the modem 5G in processors the central own to assess the energy consumption, although the source of Fast Company says it is likely to be a season separate from the central processor in the iPhone coming in the year 2022, this means that processors that include a modem 5G built-will not likely reach to the iPhone until the year 2023.

For comparison, the Samsung detects the processor Exynos 980 which includes a modem 5G built-in last August and in smartphones by the end of this year, while the company sells Huawei already Phones Huawei Mate 30 5G and Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G that came with the processor HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G which includes a modem 5G built inside it.

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