Apple plans to launch a news service based on the principle of monthly subscription

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Apple is planning a merge the application of the Texture, which is the application subscription in magazines I got recently within the news application for iPhone, computers, iPad tablet and Apple News And start News Service distinct own based on the principle of monthly subscription, according to a new report released by the Agency Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter.

The move is part of the line manufacturer for iPhone in order to achieve more profit through content and online services, the Apple which is located in the city of Cupertino, California, had agreed last month to buy apply a Texture, which allows users to subscribe to more than 200 magazine vs $ 9.99 per month.

According to the report, it is expected the launch of the Apple News that has been upgraded with a subscription offer in the coming year, so that goes part of the subscription revenue to publishers of the magazines that are part of the program, and adopted the Apple on the to have an app called health magazines and “Newsstand”, which combines many of the magazines and newspapers, but such publications are only available on a subscription basis individually, and when I started Apple TV apps Apple News in 2015 followed a similar method.

The service covers news of new publications and prints multiple able to stimulate the use of the Apple News and back again in a way similar to what provided by the Apple Music service based on a monthly subscription worth $ 9.99, which is the service that was provided during the purchase of Apple company Beats Electronics and Beat Music in 2014, compared to $ 3 million, and in that time, he had Beats Music less than a million subscribers, has about Apple that figure to more than 40 million users are paying.

And you need the company to success such as this to meet the audacious goal of the Department its services, where it is grown the sales of this sector increased by 23 percent to reach $ 30 million in fiscal year 2017 for the company, told company executives that they are targeting access services revenue to almost $ 50 million by the year 2021, while the clarified Apple analysts that have a total of 240 million paid subscription, representing a growth of 58 percent per annum.

And Apple at the current time subscriptions in iCloud and the Apple Music service, as you get part of the proceeds from subscriptions sold by third party applications on the App Store, and also on income from transactions of Apple Pay and App Store purchases iTunes movies, TV shows and downloads of digital books, along with the possibility to choose the conversion of its efforts in relation to the production of video content original to a subscription service a video similar to Netflix Netflix.

It should be noted that Apple has sold more than a million devices of the iPhone, while still all of these devices are bootable, this means that hundreds of millions of people are already getting on the news, Apple News, and a large number of iPhone users Subscribe to get this news of, so with the intention of Apple to grant publishers a reduction.

Apple plans to launch a news service based on the principle of monthly subscription

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