Apple plans to launch the advantages of parental control new in iPhone



In response to a letter published by the investor are the top in Apple, said a spokesperson in the name of the company that Apple is working on the launch of the new advantages of Patriarchy in the operating system to protect children from the risk of addiction when using their iPhone.

Have iOS system is currently a mechanism to identify parents with their children so that they can prevent the downloading of apps, movies, books, or enter certain sites or stored passwords and even use the internet data.

Had my box a huge investment two owns two million shares of Apple have demanded the letter of them provide the feature in the operating system to reduce the time children use an iPhone and thus prevent them from addiction.

Available on the app store a lot of tools and applications that help parents to talk with their children and control all what they do, but what he asks investors is to provide features within the operating system itself without the need for external instruments.

Because children spend a long time on YouTube, already announced, a giant video of a custom application the children know the quality of the videos of their interest away from what may be their feelings, videos, and abusive.


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